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Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Careers – Free Hiring Started 2023

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Abu Dhabi Judicial Department

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Careers

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department is the central authority responsible for administering and managing the judicial system in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Established to ensure the rule of law, justice, and peace, it plays a pivotal role in providing efficient and transparent judicial services. The department’s mission is to maintain the highest legal standards while fostering transparency and accountability. It aims to safeguard the rule of law and establish public trust and confidence in the justice system.

List Of Vacancies;

  • Judge
  • Legal Consultant
  • Prosecutor
  • Court Clerk
  • Legal Researcher
  • Paralegal
  • Case Manager
  • Court Interpreter
  • IT Specialist
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Finance Analyst
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Facilities Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Security Officer
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Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Careers