Tuesday , June 25 2024

ABB Careers (Multiple Vacancies) 2024 Free Apply Now

ABB Group

ABB Careers (Multiple Vacancies) 

As a trailblazer in technology, ABB spearheads the domains of electrification and automation, paving the way for a future that is not only more sustainable but also incredibly resource-efficient. ABB’s cutting-edge solutions harmonize engineering expertise with innovative software to streamline the manufacturing, transportation, power generation, and operation of various systems. With a remarkable legacy spanning over 130 years, ABB’s extensive workforce of approximately 105,000 dedicated employees remains steadfast in their mission to propel groundbreaking innovations that expedite the evolution of industries.

List Of Vacancies: ABB Careers

  1. Strategic Marketing Manager-Drive Products & Systems and Services
  2. Cluster Lead North Analytical
  3. Sales Specialist
  4. Business Development & Account Manager 
  5. Sales Specialist_ Drives
  6. Sales Manager
  7. Sales Support Specialist
  8. External and leadership communications specialist

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